Are We In An Economic Real Estate Bubble?

Is this another 2008? If the 10 year cycle is correct, then 2018 may see a significant fall in the real estate market.  We in Toronto, Canada have already seen a 20% decline in the price of re-sale homes since May of 2017.  Now more than ever is the time to choose your real estate agent carefully.  Make sure that the agent you pick will take the best steps to sell your home.  Here are some examples of what your agent should do for you:

  1.  advise and fix minor repairs
  2. help organize painting neutral colors if needed
  3. advise in de-cluttering your home
  4. professionally stage your home for quicker sale
  5. take a video
  6. advertise your home on FaceBook
  7. if you have a large property, drone video is a must.
  8. schedule open houses

These are only a few of the tasks that a good professional agent can do to sell your home in a slow market.  First impressions are key, and you will want to make your home look it’s best for all potential buyers.